We Bring the Bathroom To You!

Okay, so maybe a little worried how your life may function with the possibility of a nice warm shower in the morning during your bathroom renovation.
The good news you wont have to! As part of our outstanding quality and service, if required*, whilst CMD Bathroom Renovations are in the process of renovating your bathroom and your house has only one bathroom (the one we are renovating), then we will bring a bathroom to you!

That’s right, we bring the bathroom to you! We will arrange and organise a specially built “Ensuite on Tow” bathroom.

These portable bathrooms have been specially designed to ensure you and your family enjoy the comfort, convenience and safety of a clean, hygienic, fully appointed portable bathroom during your bathroom renovation.

We organise and deliver our portable bathrooms to your location, set them up, and take them away when we have completed your beautiful new bathroom renovation, all without you having to lift a finger!

Just another GREAT REASON why you should talk to CMD Bathroom Renovations.


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(*Conditions may apply)